Spring Cleaning Service Sale: Fireplaces & Chimney Sweep

Now is the time for a professional service from the experts at Mountain Home Center. Get your fireplace cleaned and serviced so you are ready when the snow starts to fall.


Gas Fireplace Annual Service [ $50 Off ]

• Cleaning of your gas fireplace
• Replacement of thermocouple and thermopile
• Clean and conditioning of glass
• Gasket replacement if necessary
• Verify that gas fireplace is fully functional and safe

*** Gas fireplace parts do not last forever, but with routine maintenance you can keep enjoying your fireplace for years to come ***

Chimney Sweep [ $25 Off ]

• Sweep of chimney and combustion area of woodstoves and EPA fireplaces
• Clean and conditioning of glass
• Inspect condition of gaskets, and flue system

*** Let us give you the peace of mind that your family will stay warm and comfortable winter after winter. We have factory and NFI certified technicians looking to make your life easier and hassle free. ***

Book Your Service Now

EMAIL US at Info@MountainHomeCenter.com
CALL US at 800-517-6262 or 530-587-6681

*** Limited amount of appointments during this Spring Service Special ***

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