Outdoor Entertaining Starts With a Smokin’ Hot Grill

Are you the kind of cook who wouldn’t think of using any old wine for cooking? Then why use any old grill?

American Outdoor Grill
Chefs know that a great gourmet meal depends on quality ingredients. Your cooking surface is a part of the equation. As more people turn to year-round grilling, you’ll want a product that’s technically superior and built to last.

We source top-of-the-line outdoor cooking products from trusted brands like Big Green Egg, Napoleon, Swiss Grill, and American Outdoor Grills. These babies grill, smoke, braise, bake and serve your every whim for an unforgettable gourmet meal.

The Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg The Big Green Egg is more than a fun name, it’s a serious, high-quality ceramic cooking system. Developed by American serviceman and entrepreneur Ed Fisher, the Egg’s distinct design is modeled on the clay cooking vessels first seen during the Chinese Qin Dynasty and then used by the Japanese beginning in the 3rd century. State-of-the-Art ceramics and a patented draft door and vent cap deliver a wide range of easily adjusted cooking temperatures from high-heat searing to low-and-slow smoking. A hard-coat porcelain glaze ensures the signature green color will not fade or discolor under harsh outdoor conditions.

Big Green Egg Group of Grills

The Big Green Egg is available in seven convenient sizes and can even be configured to fit your custom island. Hundreds of available accessories make cooking just about anything on a Big Green Egg fun, entertaining and delicious!


Napoleon Gas Grills are a work of functional art.

The Napoleon name was coined in 1981, but Napoleon’s parent company, Wolf Steel started in Ontario Canada in 1976. Since then Napoleon has led the way with innovative technology, engineering and design in its luxurious gas grills and exclusive infra-red grilling experiences. Outstanding product quality and superior warranties distinguish Napoleon.

From commercial-grade infrared rear-mounted rotisserie burners, to integrated wood-chip smoker box, to cast-iron charcoal tray inserts, to customizable Built-In Grill options, you’ll find everything you need to have an entire outdoor kitchen experience in one grilling unit.

American Outdoor Grill

American-outdoor-grill-rotisserie-chicken Manufactured in California, American Outdoor Grills have been the premiere gas grill products since 1949.

American Outdoor Grills bring elegance to your outdoor kitchen, transforming the backyard barbecue into a fine dining experience. The rounded hood, contoured face and smooth satin finish create a sleek stylish appearance, while the large cooking surface and precise thermometer allow safe and easy meal preparations. AOG grills are constructed from the highest grade commercial stainless steel with long-lasting solid brass valves, making it possible for you to share the pleasures of open-air cooking with friends and family for decades to come.

Swiss Grill

Swiss Grill Arosa250SS
Swiss Grill was born out of a genuine passion and enthusiasm to create the ultimate grill at an affordable price. Swiss Grill gas barbecue grills deliver style and sophistication in a professional package. Stainless steel, strong burners and dynamic grill structure ensure the grills are everlasting and functional. It’s everything you’ve come to expect from Swiss design.

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