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Lopi & Avalon gas burning wood stoves share one thing in common: they are manufactured by Travis Industries, the largest, privately-owned wood, pellet and gas stove, insert and fireplace company in America. They are attractive, high quality, high-performance stoves that you will enjoy for years to come.

Lopi is known for its American classic style of innovation; and, Avalon for its organic styling, natural design and great value.

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Lopi Cast Iron Gas Stoves

Lopi offers three distinct cast iron models to choose from (shown left to right):
— Northfield. 22,000 Btu. Small
— Berkshire. 31,000 Btu. Medium
— Greenfield. 40,000 Btu. Large

All 3 models feature GreenSmart 2 technology and the award winning Ember-Fyre burner. The incredibly realistic Ember-Fyre burner simulates a real wood burning fire with its highly detailed log set and glowing, yellow flames. The optional GreenSmart 2 Wall Mounted Remote allows you to control every function of these stoves from the comfort of your favorite chair.

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Lopi Northfield
Small Cast Iron Gas Stove

The Northfield cast iron gas stove is a true work of art. It’s classical Early American design and three-side fireview more resembles a piece of fine furniture than a gas stove. And despite its size, the Northfield boasts an incredibly large 416 square inches of ceramic glass.

The Northfield can be installed as a top or rear vent stove and boasts close clearances to adjoining walls (5” in the back and 3-1/2” on the sides for top vent installations) – so you can literally install the Northfield anywhere within your home.

Available in four finishes (shown above left to right): Hand Rubbed Bronze Patina, Oxford Brown Porcelain Enamel, and New Iron Paint Finish. (Not shown Hand-Rubbed Carbon Patina). Comes standard with a cast decorative fireback that is stunning when highlighted by the interior accent light.


Lopi Berkshire
Medium Cast Iron Gas Stove

Think of the Berkshire as a functional work of art. Its classic balance and symmetry resembles a piece of fine furniture. This solidly built stove features decorative cast iron on the outside with a heavy-gauge unibody steel firebox for added durability on the inside. Design details include a large glass area (18 inches wide by 12 inches high), and raised Linenfold side panels with delicate cast iron moldings that are typical of early American architectural style.

Available in four finishes (shown above clockwise):
Oxford Brown Enamel: Features a gloss finish that reflects light from the relief carving of the Linenfold side panels and the traditional, colonial architectural details.
NEW Bronze Patina: This hand-rubbed patina features a slight bronze metallic-like finish that has the look of oiled bronze creating a truly unique finish on the cast iron surface.
Carbon Black Patina: A process of extreme heating, quick cooling and chemical reactions that drive the textures and colors deep into the metal then the edges are hand-rubbed creating a beautiful, permanent finish.

(Not shown New Iron Paint)


Lopi Greenfield
Large Cast Iron Gas Stove

The Greenfield cast iron gas stove is a true revolution in stove design. Combining clean lines, graceful proportions and traditional cast appeal, this wide-view stove can be considered a freestanding fireplace!

The number one feature on the Greenfield is the incredibly large 749 square inches of ceramic glass. The open, three-side glass design allows you to view the incredibly realistic log set and dancing-flames from any angle in the room. Another great feature on the Greenfield gas stove is the downward pointing accent light. This beautifully highlights the logs from the top, giving the fire a radiance never before offered in a freestanding stove.

Shown above: Bronze Patina; New Iron Paint Finish; and, Oxford Brown Enamel Finish.


Avalon Gas Stoves

Avalon offers two distinct models to choose from (shown left to right):
— Tree of Life
— Cypress

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Avalon’s Tree of Life

Inspired by the Gothic arches of cathedrals in Europe and a love of nature, the Tree of Life’s delicate branch and leaf design is as captivating as its story. Early worshippers gathered in the woods before churches were ever built. Later, when cathedrals were constructed, this “Tree of Life” design was incorporated into their structures, reminiscent of the natural arches of the trees and branches interlocking. Today many of us still commune with trees and nature, spending time in the outdoors to feel connected, refreshed and inspired.

The Tree of Life features the award winning Ember-Fyre burner technology featuring dancing yellow flames and glowing embers that capture the beauty of a real wood fire. It is the most realistic gas fire available – so real looking that Popular Science magazine awarded the Ember-Fyre one of its Top 100 Innovations of the Year!

The Tree of Life features a view wrap around, three-sided fireview with a huge 538 square inches of viewing area!


Avalon’s Cypress

The Cypress features sleek, very clean lines along with a unique and timeless presentation of fire. The number-one feature on the Cypress is the incredibly large 745 square inches of three-sided wrap around fire-viewing glass. The open glass design allows you to view the incredibly realistic log set and dancing-flames from any angle in the room. Another incredible feature is the downward pointing accent light. This feature beautifully highlights the logs from the top, giving the fire a radiance never before offered in a freestanding stove. The adjustable accent light can also be used when the fire is turned on low or even off to highlight the stove interior for year round enjoyment!

The Cypress is designed to produce up to 40,000 BTUs and heat up to 2,000 feet! The Cypress takes advantage of the revolutionary GreenSmart gas control system and two-stage Dancing-Fyre burner to give you an exceptional energy-efficient turn-down range of 70% on NG and 82% on LP.


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